Tommy Walker
Name: Thomas Walker
Tommy-Brothers and Sisters
Portrayer: Balthazar Getty
Nickname: Tommy
Age: around 40
Family: William Walker - Father

Nora Walker - Mother
Sarah Walker - Sister
Kitty Walker - Sister
Kevin Walker - Brother
Justin Walker - Brother
Ryan Lafferty - Brother
Saul Holden - Uncle
Paige Whedon - Niece
Cooper Whedon - Nephew
Olivia Wandell-Walker - Niece
Daniel Wandell-Walker - Nephew
Evan McCallister - Nephew

Spouse: Julia Walker
Children: William Walker II - Son

Elizabeth Walker - Daughter

Nationality: American

Thomas "Tommy" Walker is the second Walker sibling and the oldest son of William and Nora. He is the ex-husband of Julia Ridge and father of Elizabeth Walker. Tommy was the co-President of Walker's Landing and then Ojai Foods before embezzling $2,000,000 from the company in an effort to get William's ex-mistress Holly out of the company which he claimed his siblings failed to do. He was later cleared of all charges but lost his family.

He was in a relationship with his employee, Lena after Julia took Elizabeth to her parents' house in Phoenix. During alot of the series Tommy had left Cailfroina to see his daughter, Elizabeth who Julia took to Seattle after divorcing him because of his alleged crimes. Tommy eventually returns home to California with a new fiancee named Rose and to the news that Sarah was actually their half-sister from Nora's relationship with a man named Nick Brody.

Is portrayed by Balthazar Getty.