Sarah Walker
First Appearance: "Patriarchy"
Last Appearance: "Walker Down the Aisle"
Cause: End of series
Portrayer: Rachel Griffiths
Episode Count: 110
Gender: Female
Age: 41-45 (season 1-5)
Family: Nick Brody (father)

Nora Walker (mother)
William Walker (step-father; deceased)
Kitty Walker-McCallister (Maternal half-sister)
Tommy Walker (Maternal half-brother)
Kevin Walker (Maternal half-brother)
Justin Walker (Maternal half-brother)
Lori Lynn Brody (Paternal half-sister)
Unnamed paternal sibling
Unnamed paternal sibling
Unnamed paternal sibling
Ryan Lafferty (step-brother)

Children: Paige Whedon
Cooper Whedon
Nationality: American

Sarah Walker is the eldest of the Walker siblings, and married Joe Whedon for ten years before they divorced. She is the mother of two children, Paige and Cooper. Named President of Ojai Foods after her father's death, before leaving the company shortly after it merged with Walker's Landing, her brother Tommy's vineyard, due to managerial clashes. We find out later in the series that Sarah isn't actually the daughter of William and Nora Walker but rather Nora Walker and a man named Nick Brody who she was involved with the same time as William. Sarah and her siblings thought that William was her father as well as Nora who thought Sarah was William's daughter until it is revealed that Brody lied about his results from his blood test when Sarah was born.

In season four, Sarah meets Luc Laurent while she is vacationing in France. She meets Luc around the time that she also finds out that Kitty, her younger sister, has cancer. A few weeks after returning to Los Angeles, Luc comes to visit Sarah and eventually moves in with her and her two children. 

In the beginning of the last season, after the whole Walker family is in a horrible car accident, Luc and Sarah consider moving to France. They soon realize that if they did that, they'd just be running away from there problems. 

After finding out Nick Brody is her biological father, Sarah has a bit of an identity crisis and her relationship with her mother, Nora becomes rather rocky. Sarah does eventually make-up with her mother and right before she is about to walk down the aisle to marry Luc, she finds Brody parked outside in his RV. She has a long talk and bonds with him at that moment. Then instead of having Tommy walk her down the aisle, she has Brody do it.