Ryan Lafferty
Name: Ryan Lafferty
Cause: Left the town
Portrayer: Luke Grimes
Age: 20
Family: William Walker - Father

Courtney Lafferty - Mother
Nora Walker - Stepmother
Sarah Walker - Stepsister
Kitty Walker - Half-sister
Tommy Walker - Half-brother
Kevin Walker - Half-brother
Justin Walker - Half-brother
Luc Laurent - Brother in law
Scotty Wandell - Brother in law
Paige Whedon - Niece
Cooper Whedon - Nephew
Evan McCallister - Nephew
Olivia Wandell-Walker - Niece
Daniel Wandell-Walker - Nephew

Nationality: USA

Ryan Lafferty is the illegitimate son of William Walker and Courtney Lafferty.

He hated William for abandoning his mother who then took her own life.

Ryan was in love with Rebecca, his older half-brother, Justin's girlfriend.

When he first met the Walkers, Ryan was around 20.

He saved Kitty's life when Kitty was going through cancer treatment(s).