Robert-Brothers and Sisters 9
Robert had an ex-wife, Courtney, with whom he had two children named Sophia and Jack. Courtney lied that he had an affair with their nanny in order to get better custody of their children in their divorce - in reality, she was the one that was being unfaithful. In high school Robert's high school sweetheart got pregnant by another boy; he helped the girl in having the child and on what to do in her situation while she was pregnant with someone else's child. Robert blacked out on an airplane crash in which the copilot died - everyone thought that Robert saved the other passengers there but he does not remember anything that happened, so he let everyone assume he is a hero. Robert has a brother named Jason who dated Kevin making Robert uneasy. Robert met Kitty on the set of her talk show Red, White, & Blue. Since he was impressed with Kitty, Robert asked her to be his communications director which she accepted. Despite having feelings for each other, Robert and Kitty didn't act on them until he kissed her on Valentine's Day leading to them sleeping with each other for the first time. Robert and Kitty started dating and they got engaged. When Robert discovered that Kitty was pregnant, he was shocked at the thought that their child would be born out of wedlock. Robert and Kitty married and had miscarriages before adopting their son Evan. Robert missed Evan's birth because he suffered a heart attack on his way to the hospital. Robert and Kitty's marriage hit a rough patch when Kitty had an affair with a man named Alec Taylor. Robert would eventually find out about Kitty's affair while he was at the park with their son Evan and force her to make a choice between him and this other man.
Robert McCallister


Robert McCallister




Car accident


Courtney McCallister - Divorced
Kitty Walker - Widow


Sophia McCallister - Daughter
Jack McCallister - Son
Evan McCallister - Son