Paige Whedon
Name: Paige Whedon
Portrayer: Kerris Dorsey
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Family: Joe Whedon - Father

Sarah Walker - Mother
Luc Laurent - Stepfather
Paula Whedon - Stepmother
Gabriel Whedon - Half-brother
Cooper Whedon - Brother
William Walker I - Legal Maternel grandfather
Nora Walker - Maternal grandmother
Nick Brody - Maternal grandfather
Tommy Walker - Uncle
Kitty Walker - Aunt
Kevin Walker - Uncle
Justin Walker - Uncle
Evan McCallister - Cousin
William Walker II - Cousin
Elizabeth Walker - Cousin
Olivia Walker-Wandell - Cousin
Daniel Walker-Wandell - Cousin

Nationality: USA
Paige Victoria Whedon is the daughter of Joe Whedon and Sarah Walker, and the sister of Gabriel Whedon and Cooper Whedon. She is the oldest of Nora Walker grandchildren.

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