Nora Walker
Name: Nora Walker
Portrayer: Sally Field
Gender: Female
Family: Paige Whedon - Granddaughter

Cooper Whedon - Grandson Evan McCallister - Grandson
William Walker II - Grandson
Elizabeth Walker - Granddaughter
Olivia Wandell-Walker - Grandaughter
Daniel Wandell-Walker - Grandson

Spouse: William Walker - Husband
Children: Sarah Walker - Daughter, with Nick

Kitty Walker - Daughter, with William
Tommy Walker - Son, with William
Kevin Walker - Son, with William
Justin Walker - Son, with William

Nationality: USA


Nora 3

Nora Walker is the matriarch of the Walker family. She married William Walker young sometime after she became pregnant with her oldest daughter, Sarah by a guy named Brody. In season 5, it is actually revealed she was 19/20 when she was pregnant. She goes on to have four more children by William.

As her children reach adulthood and her husband dies, Nora finds herself always meddling in her children's lives, though, she does so for the right reasons. She is shown to be highly opinioniated, not hesitating to speak her mind and tell her adult children how they're living their lives. She also finds herself add odds with William's Mistress, Holly, on a numer of occassions, but at times will come to her as a friend.

She has a difficult relationship with her mother, Ida Holden, who is very critical of her and her ways.

Season OneEdit

Episode One - PatriarchyEdit

Nora and Kitty's past comes into light showing they had a falling out and despite William's attempt to get them to reconcile they seem reluctent to even try. At the end of the episode William has a heart attack and nora is Widowed.

Episode Two - An Act of WillEdit

Nora is worried about Justin dissapearing, from prison Justin calls Keving who takes Nora and Kitty to collect him, however the officer on duty doesnt want to release him till morning. Nora uses Kitty to help get him released due to her new status as a TV personality on Red, White and Blue. Nora and Justin share harsh words about him being a spoiled little brat, and how his father would be dissapointed and how Justin had wished he had died in Afghanistan.

Episode Three - Affairs of StateEdit

Nora organises a pool party to try and erase the memory of William dying in the pool, everyone is panicking since Nora invited Holly Harper who was William's mistress. Later during dinner Nora shocks everyone by breaking the silence by revealing she knows exactly who Holly is and that she knew about their affair.

Episode Four -Family PortraitEdit

Nora suspects that Saul has feelings for Holly. Kitty feels left out when Nora hangs a family portrait that she's not in.

Episode Five-Date NightEdit

Nora goes on her first date in fourty years with her repairman David (special guest star Treat Williams).

Episode Six-For The ChildrenEdit

Sarah has to confront Nora with the real situation at Ojai Foods. Meanwhile, Nora insits that the family attend the annual fund raiser for a children's hospital. Several scandals also happen that evening that puts Nora to shame.

Episode Seven-Northern ExposureEdit

Nora wants the family to have one last get-together, but they disagree.

Episode Eight-Mistakes Were Made, Part OneEdit

Nora sleeps at David's house shocked that she's let it get that far.

Episode Nine-Mistakes Were Made, Part TwoEdit

Nora finds out that she is getting another grandchild when Tommy and Julia announce that they are pregnant.

Episode Ten-Light The LightsEdit

Nora stops by Holly's house.

Episode Eleven-Family DayEdit

Nora demands a job at Ojai Foods when she learns that Holly also works there, leading to a conflict between her and Tommy.

Episode Twelve-Sexual PoliticsEdit

Nora's butting in gets her involved and the matchmaker sets her up too.

Episode Thirteen-Something Ida This Way ComesEdit

It is Nora's 60th birthday and the siblings are planning a surprise party for her. Kitty's job is to distract Nora but the situation becomes uneasy when Saul and Nora's mother Ida (special guest star Marion Ross) shows up earlier then expected and ruins their surprise.

Episode Fourteen-Valentine's Day MassacreEdit

While her children are celebrating their own plans for Valentine's Day, Nora goes out with her best girlfriend and they end up arrested for smoking marijuana.

Episode Fifteen-Love Is DifficultEdit

Nora starts to express herself through writing.

Episode Sixteen-The Other WalkerEdit

Nora finds out that William and Holly had a daughter named Rebecca from Saul even though he told Sarah, Tommy, and Kevin that he wouldn't tell her. Nora and Kitty become furrious with Sarah for not telling them about William's love child.

Episode Seventeen-All In The FamilyEdit

Nora invites William and Holly's daughter Rebecca to dinner with her, Sarah, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin and Kitty doesn't show up because she is on a date with Robert.

Episode Eighteen-Three PartiesEdit

Nora wants to get to know her writing professor better so the two of them go out for a picnic together and he invites her to a party at his house.

Episode Nineteen-Game NightEdit

Nora and Kitty arrange game night with another family who always beat them in the past. Without telling Kitty, her siblings secretly invite Rebecca to join them.

Episode Twenty-Bad NewsEdit

Professor August blackmails Nora with a failing grade in an effort to get her to go out with him.

Episode Twenty One-Grapes of WrathEdit

Nora decides to give Mark another chance and takes him to the party with her but he blows it by kissing Holly. Nora and Holly fight that ends in a way neither one of them expected.

Episode Twenty Two-Favorite SonEdit

Nora deals with the fact that Justin is going back to Iraq and also the fact that her grandson's life may be in danger when he develops a problem as well as Kitty's engagment to Robert.

Episode Twenty Three-MatriarchyEdit

Nora is planning Kitty and Robert's engagment party, but Kitty is having trouble telling her that she's moving in with Robert. Nora invites Saul's old friend to the party which doesn't go well with Saul. Nora and Kitty see Justin off at the airport when he leaves for Iraq. After seeing Justin leave, Nora and the Walkers decide to turn the engagment party into a pool party by jumping into the pool.

Season TwoEdit

Nora spent the summer sending video messages to Justin and it is only with Rebecca's help that she has managed to get by. Once he returns, she and Rebecca spend time trying to help him recover physically and mentally. Nora enters into a new romance with Isaac Marshall (Danny Glover) after meeting him when Kitty brings him in to assist with Robert's campaign. Nora, Kitty, and Kevin go on a roadtrip to bring Justin home after he gets injured. Nora walks Kitty down the asile at her wedding to Robert.

Season ThreeEdit

Although Nora is initially against finding Ryan, she later changes her mind and goes to meet Ryan and invites him to stay with her. However, it is made apparent later in the season that Ryan may have had ulterior motives for agreeing with Nora's request. He also causes problems between Justin and Rebecca after developing feelings for Rebecca and encouraging her distrust in Justin.

Nora also decides to start a nonprofit center for families of patients with illnesses and becomes attracted to her architect, Roger. The two begin to see each other; however, things become complicated when Nora discovers Roger is married, but he and his wife share an open relationship. After trying to feel comfortable in this modern relationship, Nora tells Roger that she can no longer be with him and that he should go back to his wife.

Season FourEdit

Kitty gets cancer and she helps her with her treatment. Sarah meets a French artist when she is on business trip, but she has to come back to England for Kitty. Luc (the French artist) follows Sarah home, she asks Norah to let Luc stay at her house until she tells Paige and Cooper.

At the end of the season, the Walker family is torn apart when everyone is involved in a terrible car accident. Leaving Robert in a coma and Holly with brain damage.

Season Five Edit

Nora finds her ex love Nick Brody and she finds out that Nick is Sarah's biological father.

Recurring ThemesEdit

Nora always opposing Kitty's politics.