Julia Walker is the ex-wife of Tommy Walker and the mother of William Walker II and Elizabeth Walker . When William II died, Julia left to be with her parents.

After the Death of William Walker II Edit

"I can't remember the last time she seemed completely happy."

- Tommy Walker describing his wife's demeanor
William II's death was devastating to both Julia and Tommy , but while Tommy dealt with his grief by focusing on Julia and his daughter Elizabeth, Julia grew bitter and sad. She eventually admitted to Tommy that she blamed him for William II's death, despite the fact that she herself knew that it was irrational to do so. Even though Julia knew that she and Tommy had agreed together not to put Elizabeth through the operation that could have saved William II, she found herself feeling as though Tommy had pressured her into the decision that had ultimately resulted in William II's death. As a result, Julia had grown mildly and subconsciously hostile towards Tommy, stating that she knew it was "crazy", but she couldn't help it. This later led Julia to decide to take some time away from Tommy to sort out her feelings and put the whole event into perspective. Julia then left for Arizona to stay with her parents indefinitely, with Tommy's parting words "You are the love of my life."

Away from Tommy Edit

During Julia's time with her parents, Tommy frequently attempted to contact his wife, only to be met with excuses from Julia's parents claiming that Julia was "out" each time Tommy called. When Tommy confronted them on this suspicious behavior, they admitted that they prevented Tommy from speaking to Julia because they believed she needed "space". Tommy's distress and frustration with his situation then led him to begin an affair with his office manager, Lena . It was later revealed that while staying with her parents, and under the influence of alcohol, Julia had an affair with her former schoolmate as well, which she considered a "mistake".

Appearance Edit

Julia has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is thought by her sisters-in-law, Sarah and Kitty, to be very beautiful, as they stated she looks great in any outfit.

Julia is showed to have a close relationship with Nora and Kevin Walker.

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