Evan McCallister
Name: Evan McCallister
Gender: Male
Age: about 1-2 years
Family: Robert McCallister - Father

Kitty Walker-McCallister - Mother
Trish Evans - Biological mother
Jack McCallister - Half-brother
Sophie McCallister - Half-sister
William Walker - Grandfather
Nora Walker - Grandmother
Sarah Walker - Aunt
Luc Laurent - Uncle
Tommy Walker - Uncle
Kevin Walker - Uncle
Scotty Wandell - Uncle
Jason McCallister - Uncle
Justin Walker - Uncle
Ryan Lafferty - Uncle

Spouse: Elizabeth Walker (a joke in the family)

Evan is the adoptive son of Kitty and Robert.  He was adopted from a woman named Trish Evans. He has two half siblings, Sofia and Jack McCallister from which Robert had from a previous marriage.

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