David Caplan shows up at the vineyard at the night of Kitty and Roberts wedding, and Holly is taken by surprise. He says that he has just moved back to Pasadena, and had to look her up. He was surprised seeing her owning a vineyard and not working in showbusiness anymore. Holly is polite, but distant. David shows up at her house when only Rebecca is home. Holly comes home to hear David tell Rebecca about the old days. Rebecca encourage her mother to have dinner with her and David the next night. She suspects early on that David is her real father, but her mother says no. After a day where David has taught Rebecca photography her mother tells her that when she met David she had just broken things off with William Walker. William had decided to stay with Nora, and Holly was heartbroken. She met David, and they had a lot of fun together. But she broke eventually up with David because she was still in love with William. Later in the second season Holly and David starts dating.